Expiration date

I am a bit dreamy,who hopes relentlessly,and there are no words,to describe these feelings,so I am keeping them to myself,Just know that the first times are hardest,feels terribly foreign and difficult,but the good part is,that everything comes,with an expiration date. #Runningthroughmyveins #saturday #9:50pm

Dear November…

Growth feels uncomfortable,more like intensely painful.The years I lost,in telling myself,that I am,aloof, inconfident, immature.The years I lost,in following the inhumane script,given to me by birth.The years I lost,in hating, criticizing, and starving myself,for helding myself responsible,for the things which weren't my responsibility in the first place.I was a baby,a blank slate,a human who deserved,to… Continue reading Dear November…

Powerful – Sambhal lain gai

Heard seeing your loved one in pain,is one of the difficult situation,and it's true,I have the insight,that you are disturbed,you seem someone who is carrying a mountain,a mountain composing of tiny sharp stones,breaking your bones,I cannot do anything to ease your worries,but it is okay,I have a Creator who will handle all your concerns,I have… Continue reading Powerful – Sambhal lain gai

12:59 a.m.

It's midnight yesterday, &the environment was surrounded by,darkness and silence!The only sound,that could be heard,was of my beating heart!Eyes were flowing a river,whereas hands were quivering,goosebumps started appearing!There were no words,for the feelings that I was feeling,just knew that my heart was aching!Another sorrowful night I had,One in silence,One in distress! #Healingjourney #mehunorAllahhain Whenever I… Continue reading 12:59 a.m.